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CASE STUDY: Yves Saint Laurent Dazzles with PageSkin Plus

Updated: Oct 9, 2020


The animation in the sidebars draws the users’ attention to the brand logo, with the campaign video holding attention throughout, and drawing the focus to the product, campaign creative and messaging.

The PageSkin Plus ad delivered strong brand metrics, demonstrating the value of the impactful and eye-catching creative, delivered in a premium environment, without interrupting the user’s content enjoyment.

Key takeaways: 

  1. 100% of the users saw the ad

  2. 96% recalled the brand, in comparison to an industry benchmark of 54%

  3. 63% claimed they had a more positive opinion of the advertiser, in comparison to industry benchmark of 19%, proving that choosing the right format is key to delivering your advertiser brand message

  4. 60% claimed they were more likely to purchase the product after seeing the Pageskin Plus, in comparison to industry benchmark of 20%

  5. 1.36% CTR and 42 seconds post click dwell time in the microsite – genuine considered clicks

YSL Visual Focus

View the video:

The  campaign delivered 96% ad recall, demonstrating the power of optimised online formats for branding campaigns.

YSL Brand Metrics3

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