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You've made it, now flaunt it! Make sure your video is seen

Inskin has a fantastic range of products for all devices; and every one of them supports video integration. If you have already commissioned a kick-ass video asset, then the next question shouldn't be IF but HOW you should use it when working with Inskin. So here a few of ways to get the best performance out of your video assets:

1) Keep it to the point. Inskin’s targeting capabilities ensure that you’re reaching the right user, at the right time, so don't waste the opportunity to draw them in, in few seconds. We recommend that your video is 15-30 seconds on desktop and 6-15 seconds on mobile devices. We support muted autoplay video for both desktop and mobile, as well as click to play. Although our recommendations are for shorter videos, we are always on hand to create bespoke solutions for longer videos.

2) Bigger is better. All of our formats support video, and we can be completely flexible with whatever video assets you have. We have no fixed sizes or aspect ratios, which means we can customise the use of creative for your brand. Here are some of our favourites!

Portrait videos work best in the scrolling sides of Superwide, Evolve & Video as well as a centerpeice of Pagescroll

Horizontal videos work best in the header of Pageskin, Superwide, Evolve, Shoppable as well as our new format Baseline

3) Be heard. Over 90% of users online are watching videos without sound, so we recommend adding subtitles or closed captions to your footage, to provide context and ensure your message is reaching the user. It is a relatively easy feat to achieve, with free online services like Kapwing, however, of course our team is more than happy to help make this happen!

4) Be seen. Our formats have the best viewability in the industry, so make sure you are using the correct format to utalise your video assets to their fullest potential. Our specialised Video format has been designed with video in mind. Inskin Video takes full advantage of Superwide's responsiveness meaning that no matter the size of browser our ad appears on, the video will be uncropped. This format also ensures the video remains in view as the users scrolls down the page, giving the user maximum opportunity to watch the video to completion.

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