The Secret to Engaging Ad-Jaded Consumers

Steve Doyle, European Commercial Director and Chairman of the IAB UK Video Council, and Mark Davey, European Publisher Services Director, sat down with Video Ad News to talk about InSkin Media’s international expansion, ad performance and the role of custom formats in the programmatic age.

We’re about getting the balance right between high performance for advertisers and a really good experience for the users. A positive user experience adds a huge amount of value; when a campaign’s booked through us, it’s going to appear in its entirety as it was supposed to. There’s a lot of value to simply getting ads displayed in the right way and at the right time.

Mark Davey, European Publishing Services Director

Agencies and advertisers use us consistently because they’re looking for very deep engagement with the audience. We’re about deep engagement and people spending time with the brand, not a mass media solution. I don’t see where programmatic premium fits in. In fact I think it’s an oxymoron. It’s people trying to make programmatic sound more appealing, but if you can do what we do programmatically, you’d devalue the product by definition.

Steve Doyle, European Commercial Director


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