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CASE STUDY: Specsavers focuses on visual engagement

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Extending their ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ TV campaign online, the Specsavers i-Roll campaign smashed visual engagement benchmarks.

Specsavers wanted to extend their ‘Should’ve’ TV campaign online, to a broad 25-54 audience.

Key objectives were high awareness and CTR:

  1. i-Roll delivers long dwell time, with brand messaging in the users’ eyeline throughout

  2. Multiple calls-to-action deliver users effectively to their chosen destination

  3. Run across premium entertainment sites

The video highlights users’ visual exploration of not only the video content itself, but the entire i-Roll creative.

Play video to see moving visual attention heatmap ->

There is clear visual focus on brand messaging, logo and calls-to-action. 2013 © EyeTrackShop powered by Sticky

The SpecSavers i-Roll out-performed benchmarks on all key brand metrics:

Time to First Fixation:

Benchmark i-Roll

1.5s                 0.5s

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