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Campaign of the Year 2021: Vote for Number 1!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

The team have voted & the shortlist has been drawn wasn't easy, but we settled on our four best creatives of last year!

Our main goal is to drive attention, maximise brand awareness and make a significant impact with every creative campaign we produce.

We think each and every one of our final four delivers across the board, so we're leaving it up to you (our followers) to decide which should come out on top! Vote on the poll here.

Here's the shortlist below in all their glory, and if you'd like to see the full line up of 2021 finalists, then check out who made the final cut here.

1. Ferrero

Multiple videos and products that feature throughout cater for a variety of different audiences. Our Evolve format embeds an effective carousel that delivers an emphatic creative experience. Interactive capabilities mean the ad can be controlled by the user both as they scroll and within the ad itself.

2. Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld boasts probably our most ambitious use of responsive dedicated vertical video assets ever. Both the left and the right side of the screen feature compelling imagery and storylines that easily capture the eye. It both abides by and builds on vital creative rules - no clutter, simplicity, big and bold - all with an easily accessible CTA.

3. Brewdog

Our Brewdog campaign features simple, bold storytelling with on-brand creative. As the user scrolls there is repetitive real-world exposure to different Brewdog products supported by a unique animation experience. We used our Evolve functionality to make showcasing numerous products in one ad impactful.

4. Levi's

We made integrating the product an essential part of the Levi's experience - with a split-screen of colour creating a vibrant shopping atmosphere for the user. There are very subtle image zooms for each product to help catch the eye, as well as various interactive roll-over and scroll opportunities to get more info on each product and scroll through different looks and styles.

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