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Inskin Gains IAB Gold Standard 2.0 Certification

Inskin Media, the world’s premier provider of high-impact digital display advertising, received its Gold Standard 2.0 certification from the IAB, underscoring its support for the highest standards in digital advertising.

The IAB UK Gold Standard was established in October 2017 with the goal of committing signatories to improving digital advertising standards by fighting ad fraud, discouraging ad blocking and maximising brand safety. As a long-standing supporter of best practices in digital advertising, Inskin Media was the first ad tech company to achieve the Gold Standard 1.0 certification.

The new Gold Standard 2.0 raises the bar in terms of its requirements, adding requirements for transparency and additional requirements for ad fraud. Requirements for 2.0 certification include:

  1. Reduce ad fraud by implementing or demonstrating support for ads.txt, sellers.json and OpenRTB Supply Chain Object initiative

  2. Improve people’s experience of digital advertising by adhering to the Coalition for Better Ads principles and the ‘Better Ads Standards’

  3. Uphold brand safety by obtaining TAG Brand Safety Certified Guidelines

  4. Increase transparency within the supply chain by adopting the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF)

“For digital advertising to continue to attract investment, working towards a transparent and reliable eco-system will be critical,” said Matthew Newcomb, CEO, Inskin Media. “At Inskin, we have a decade long history of being at the forefront of improving digital advertising practices, and we’re delighted to have gained the new IAB Gold Standard 2.0 certification.”

Tim Elkington, Chief Digital Officer, IAB UK added “Congratulations to Inskin Media for achieving Gold Standard 2.0 certification. Inskin has been a supporter of the Gold Standard from the early days and the continued support it’s shown for the initiative as it evolves is helping to drive up standards as we collectively work to address current challenges and build a sustainable future for the digital advertising industry.”

Inskin Media is the world’s premier provider of high-impact digital display advertising. The company delivers brand safe, non-intrusive campaigns to more than 2,000 premium websites, using high impact formats that regularly deliver more than 15x attention. The company trades using both programmatic and direct approaches, and can target using contextual, first-party and third-party data. It is headquartered in London and has offices around the world.

About Inskin Media

Inskin Media delivers high impact digital advertising across more than 2000 premium websites globally, working with 260 publishers and more than 1000 leading brands. The powerful, impactful rich-media formats command attention on any device through eye-catching creative that blends seamlessly with each individual environment. With user experience our central priority, we achieve that fine balance between impact and experience.

Standardisation technology ensures every ad works perfectly, regardless of platform, media or design, simplifying the process for brands and agencies keen to take advantage of these hugely memorable and powerfully effective advertising opportunities.

Founded in the UK in 2009, Inskin Media now operates internationally, with 8 offices around the globe.

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