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Meet up with Inskin at Arabnet Riyadh

Meet up with Inskin at Arabnet Riyadh

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13 December | 10:40am | Media & AdTech Forum (Hall B)

Learn About Consume
Engagement With Online Ads at Arabnet Ryiadh

Are you attending Arabnet Ryiadh? Don’t miss our keynote about measuring advertising effectiveness in online ads:

Through the Eye, into the Brain – Display Advertising Effectiveness

While viewability has now esta

lished itself as an important validation factor in campaign briefs, the industry still lacks a solid understanding of how our knowledge of viewability (an ad’s opportunity to be seen) can be used to understand ad effectiveness. For example, how does viewability correlate with visual engagement (the likelihood of a user to actually look at the ad)? Are highly viewable ads also more likely to catch the consumer’s attention? How important are creative execution and ad format? And what does the intensity of visual engagement tell us about a campaign’s potential to be remembered? Toby Daniell, Head of Sales MENA at Inskin Media, will present the results of Inskin’s joint research project with Research Now and Sticky at  the ArabNet Riyadh 2017, for a fascinating insight into the modern consumer and how they engage with your ads.

If you would like to learn more about what Inskin does or require more detail about our research, please get in touch:

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The speaker:

Toby Daniell, Head of Sales MENA

Toby is responsible for establishing Inskin’s presenc

in the MENA region, and driving adoption of Inskin’s formats with advertisers, media agencies and publishers. Toby believes that digital is currently being under-utilised as a space to build brands, and that more engaging formats will ultimately drive more attention, brand recall and better business results. Toby has worked across the agency and ad tech space in London, New York and Dubai, in a career spanning 10 years. He is passionate about the digital world and how it can change our lives and businesses for the better.

Inskin Media

Brand Advertising

Inskin Media specialises in rich-media branding formats, with a comb

ned focus on design and technology to maximise the value of every single impression. Exclusive delivery on bespoke sitelists via our network of high quality editorial content guarantees complete brand safety, while custom integration with each publisher ensures faultless campaign delivery without compromising on design.

The event:

Arabnet Ryiadh

ArabNet is the hub for Arab digital professionals and entrepreneurs to co

nect and learn. It runs a series of events across the region aimed at growing the web and mobile industry, and launching new digital startups. For two consecutive years, ArabNet has held an international conference: ArabNet Digital Summit, widely acknowledged as the most important event for the web/mobile sector in the Middle East.

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