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ISM's Steve Doyle featured in The Drum

ISM’s Steve Doyle, features alongside fellow industry experts, in The Drum’s latest specialist supplement about interactive video advertising.

The print article is complemented by the online piece, ‘Entertain and engage: How interactivity is adding another layer to online video advertising‘, looking at the creative use of interactive technology.

“Video advertising can be fantastic, but attention needs to be taken to optimise for digital platforms, and more advanced measurement should be discussed with clients…. The major issue we see is getting advertisers to treat interactive video as a medium in its own right: to plan, execute and measure interactive formats, and work out what does (and does not) work. Click-through rates, while a useful indicator, are not the right measurement in isolation; viewability, dwell time and view-through rates are taking centre stage.”

Steve will be co-presenting at the IAB’s third annual Video Conference on 28th November, which will take an in-depth look at all aspects of video online – from ad overlays to video ecommerce and everything in between.

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