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Inskin's New Conversational Advertising Partnership

A new partnership with Cavai, the world’s most advanced conversational advertising platform, provides unprecedented interactivity within Inskin’s ad formats

Inskin Media, the world’s premier provider of high impact digital display advertising, has today announced a new partnership with leading conversational advertising expert, Cavai. Its conversational advertising solutions offer new and unique possibilities for in-ad interactivity and allow for engagement and product selection within the format itself.

A leader in specialised, high-impact formats, Inskin delivers exponentially higher attention than standard display. It provides brands with striking, unmissable rich-media display options, delivered across a network of 2,000 premium websites worldwide, which help drive visual engagement for brands.

As several research studies have proven, the more attention gained by a brand’s advertising, the more likely the brand is to see an uptick in brand metrics and conversions.

Cavai, the world’s most advanced conversational advertising platform, utilises the power of respectful, attractive and insightful conversation in ad experiences on mobile, desktop and video. Its conversational advertising solution can be integrated seamlessly, complementing existing digital campaigns and formats and enabling customers to buy products directly in the ad.

Dan Jones, Cavai’s Commercial Director UK, comments: “In line with Cavai’s strategic objective of being able to deliver conversational advertising solutions across the entire display ecosystem, we have struck a tech-partnership with Inskin, the high impact partner of choice for several agency groups in the UK and across EMEA.

“We are delighted that our conversational functionality will be integrated into its all-screen solutions. This partnership provides opportunities for conversations between brand and user to be delivered in the upper-funnel. It provides consumers with the ability to have a one-to-one interaction in an eye-catching setting with a brand with which they want to engage.”

Over the past year Inskin has rolled out several new features within its formats to aid online browsing and purchasing, such as Shoppable Skins. This latest partnership with Cavai demonstrates a continued dedication to providing brands with new opportunities for engagement through digital display, at a time where global online activity has increased substantially.

Inskin’s Commercial Director, EMEA, Julia Burton Brown adds: “Our high impact advertising solutions offer an unparalleled level of engagement and have proven highly successful during the past year for many retail brands. We are delighted to partner with Cavai and subsequently add a new and exciting solution to our existing array of features and formats.”

About Inskin Media

Inskin delivers attention: Its specialised formats enable advertising that is unmissable, unforgettable, and consistently delivers maximum impact.

We are an advertising technology business that regularly delivers 15 times the attention gained from typical digital display advertising. Today, we work with over 1,000 blue chip brand clients and deliver campaigns to more than 2,000 premium websites worldwide. We offer clients tremendous flexibility, supporting both direct and programmatic bookings, and offering contextual and data-driven targeting options in partnership with leading data providers. Since our launch in the UK in 2009, we have grown from a start-up into an international business, with offices in London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Kiev, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney.

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About Cavai

Cavai is the leading global conversational advertising cloud working closely with brands, publishers & agencies to enable conversational experiences through Cavai´s proprietary ad cloud technology.

Founded in 2018 by Steffen Svartberg and Tommy Torjesen, Cavai helps marketers deliver engaging conversations between brands and users in programmatic and buys in the same way as they would normally deliver banners and video ads. Across Europe, Cavai clients are already experiencing 10 – 20X ROI through their conversational advertising campaigns. With offices across Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Hamburg, London, Montreal and Singapore, Cavai supports leading global brands and publishers in conversational advertising.

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