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InSkin Media Validates High Tablet CTRs

ISM has been working with Webtrekk, a leading global provider of data intelligence solutions, to provide deep strategic insights into ISM’s premium ad network.

The data, collected over two months across our desktop and tablet networks, has been analysed to gain valuable understanding of how users engage with advertising on different devices.

The key finding, is a strong correlation between desktop and tablet CTRs over a range of page lengths, disproving theories of ‘fat finger syndrome’ leading to accidental clicks, which are often blamed for the high CTRs commonly seen on tablet advertising formats.

If conventional knowledge were to be believed, there would be a greater disconnect between tablet and desktop CTRs as the page height increases; tablet CTRs would be much higher on the longer pages. The correlation in desktop and tablet CTRs shows that a properly optimised tablet advertising format, designed to resist clicking through from anything but a tap, delivers optimum performance and results.

Hugo Drayton, ISM’s CEO commented,

‘ISM’s close collaboration with Webtrekk is already reaping significant rewards.

Our publisher and brand clients require timely, deep insight. Webtrekk analytics

are key to ISM’s metrics, analysis, business development and research.’

Ralf Haberich, CCO of Webtrekk, is delighted to be collaborating with ISM on

data and research projects:

‘We’re very impressed with ISM’s early findings, which include important insights

for the whole industry. We look forward to sharing the future findings from ISM’s

research, and to see how these insights can influence the market and help drive

profit, for ISM and their clients. These are exciting and evolutionary times for the

online publisher and advertising industries.’

The full research shows further insight into additional usage patterns by channel, age and user interests. ISM and Webtrekk plan to deepen these insights further to identify day part patterns, weekly / monthly patterns, channel trends and more.

Please contact Fran Cowan for further information:





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