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InSkin Media Launches in Hong Kong

Campaign Asia has covered InSkin Media’s official launch in Hong Kong, noting ISM’s high quality premium publishers, Apple Daily,, Elle and Finet, and our first campaigns with Estee Lauder and One2Free.

Lead in Hong Kong by Commercial Manager Angeline Lodhia, ISM’s focus on online branding, a good user-experience, and considered, meaningful engagement sets it apart in a cluttered digital market, dominated by accidental clicks on confusing ads.

“ISM in a way challenges the current mindset of the HK advertising client'”, she said. “Despite being aware of the issue of accidental clicks, the market is still sadly judging performance on this. Agency buyers are becoming more savvy and beginning to question the validity of the results they get at the end of the campaign.

“ISM’s ad formats are user friendly, as they deliver a non intrusive experience which doesn’t disrupt the user, while delivering excellent brand exposure and performance.”


Article excerpt:

InSkin Media wants brands to focus on engagement, not accidental clicks

HONG KONG – InSkin Media, a London-based ad tech company, has launched in the territory, with Angeline Lodhia leading the charge.

The first local advertiser to launch with InSkin Media (ISM) was One2Free, whose ad went live on Apple Daily on 10 April. This was booked by Tan Rahman, head of digital at OMD Hong Kong, who was a strong supporter of ISM’s launch. Estee Lauder was the second.

A pull factor for ISM’s launch was how buyers, such as Tan Rahman, (Head of Digital at OMD Hong Kong, a strong supporter of ISM’s launch), are becoming more savvy and beginning to question the validity of the results they get at the end of digital campaigns.

The HK digital market is cluttered with ad formats which drive accidental interactions, she said. “Often, people get confused when an advert overlays the whole publisher page”.

ISM’s ad server allows advertisers and agencies to be able to track post-click dwell times, which help determine real interactions and prove considered clicks, said Lodhia.

From an online branding perspective, the focus needs to be taken away from measuring performance purely on clicks and placed more squarely on deeper levels of engagement, she said.

The ultimate challenge publishers face is delivering a good user experience while still monetising their content for advertising revenue. “This balance should be at the heart of any digital strategy,” she said.

ISM’s video format remains subtly visible in the eyeline of users for the duration of the video, as opposed to disruptive pre-roll ads, allowing them to interact with the advertiser in their own time and on their own terms.

Upon clicking, the advertiser’s video is paused and an expandable ad loads where a bespoke minisite is linked. Once the user closes the expandable ad, the publisher page returns, with the video resuming from where it was paused.

“Delivering a less intrusive experience reflects well on [both] the publisher and the advertiser,” she said.

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