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Inskin Media eyes growth with Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank backing

Inskin has secured additional funding from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks to support further growth in the UK and abroad.

Commenting on the deal, Hugo Drayton, CEO of Inskin, said: “Inskin Media is delighted to become a partner and client of CYBG. We operate in a fast-moving and responsive media industry; our banking partners have to show speed and flexibility. During our familiarisation and negotiations with the team at CYBG, we have been impressed by their depth of interest in our business and in their responsive nature.

For Inskin, this is an important new chapter; we are a well-established, multi-national brand advertising business, with clear ambitions to grow further; so the flexibility of our banking facility, and the stature of the bank partner, are extremely important, to support our growth and to illustrate Inskin’s dependability to existing and future clients and partners. We look forward to developing our relationship with the wider team at CYBG.”

Read the full press release

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