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Inskin Media awarded JICWEBS anti ad-fraud seal

Inskin Media awarded JICWEBS anti ad-fraud seal

The ad tech company is among the first 10 UK companies to be certified

London, 26 October 2017: Inskin Media is among the first ten companies in the UK to receive the JICW

Inskin Media awarded JICWEBS anti ad-fraud seal
BS Seal of Compliance, as verified by independent auditor ABC, demonstrating that it has met the JICWEBS Good Practice Principles for reducing the risk of exposure to ad fraud. This adds to the JICWEBS Brand Safety Seal, which Inskin has held since 2015.

Inskin specialises in rich-media branding formats, with a combined focus on design and technology to maximise the value of every single impression. After undergoing a thorough audit of their processes and anti-fraud precautions, the seal demonstrates that Inskin offers advertisers security from ad fraud and meets JICWEBS Good Practice Principles for reducing any risk of exposure to ad fraud.

The JICWEBS Principles are ABC verified, industry-approved guidelines applicable to media buyers, publishers or intermediaries, and aim to promote confidence in the industry by offering a framework against which anti-fraud compliance can be measured and demonstrating that companies like Inskin are providing targeted protection against the risk of ad fraud.

Hugo Drayton, CEO at Inskin Media comments: “Inskin has always been committed to providing high quality, brand safe environments for digital advertisers. Each publisher partner is handpicked, while bespoke, in-house site-integration grants us full control over the quality of our network. Inskin has been independently verified for brand safety by the DTSG since 2015, and further involvement in certifying fraud-safe practice is in line with our mission to help improve transparency and accountability in the digital advertising industry.”

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, said, “Congratulations to Inskin for achieving the JICWEBS Seal following verification by ABC. This recognises their compliance with the JICWEBS Anti Ad-fraud Principles. Ad fraud is a major concern facing the industry and organisations such as JICWEBS and ABC are working to deliver practical solutions that enhance transparency and promote good practice. Inskin is leading by example in demonstrating their commitment to a safer, more transparent digital ad trading environment.”

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