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InSkin Media at dmexco 2014

Meet InSkin Media at dmexco

dmexco is a key event in the digital media calendar, not only for Germany, but also for the UK, Europe and, increasingly, the rest of the world.

InSkin Media will be there in our usual spot on Hall 7 (A046 A048), this year focusing on the opportunities for cross-device branding campaigns, on desktop and tablet, and how to effectively monetise web traffic on tablet devices.

We believe that uniting tablet and smartphone planning and reporting under ‘mobile’ does each of their unique features a massive disservice.   Differences in usage and behaviour need to be taken into account and creative executions need to recognise how the tablet’s  large, tactile interface impacts how a user can physically interact with the brand.

At InSkin Media, we have developed tablet advertising formats for the mobile web that are specifically designed for tablet devices.

Arrange a meeting with us at dmexco (Hall 7 / A046 A048) to see the latest high-impact, rich media branding solutions from ISM:

  1. PageSkin on desktop and tablet – animated, impactful, in view

  2. PageSkin Plus, on desktop and tablet – integrate video for maximum impact

  3. PageSkin Edge, on tablet – the latest in tablet advertising innovation, the video asset scrolls with the user and plays full screen

  1. Find ISM at dmexco

  2. Arrange a meeting

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