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Inskin is first ad tech co to receive IAB “Gold Standard”

First ad tech co receives IAB “Gold Standard”

London, 23 January 2018. Inskin Media has become the first ad tech company to achieve certification for the IAB UK’s Gold Standard, the initiative designed to raise standards in digital advertising and address the key issues facing the industry.

The seal confirms that Inskin’s ad practices have met the Gold Standard’s three criteria: reducing ad fraud by implementing the ads.txt initiative, obtaining the JICWEBS DTSG certification for brand safety, and improving the digital advertising experience by adhering to the LEAN principles and the Coalition for Better Advertising standards.

Tim Elkington, the IAB UK’s chief digital officer, says, “The Gold Standard is an important initiative because it helps fulfil our vision of building a sustainable future for digital advertising. Since launching less than two months ago, more than 60 member companies have registered. We’re pleased to see Inskin Media become certified because it demonstrates their commitment to improving standards by fighting ad fraud, discouraging ad blocking and maximising brand safety.”

“The IAB is doing a great job in uniting all sides of the ad tech ecosystem who are committed to good practice,” said Inskin’s CMO, Fran Cowan. “Adhering to the Gold Standard provides clients with the reassurance that they can trust us to deliver both transparency and good quality campaigns.”

Inskin is the second company to receive Gold Standard certification, following publisher Auto Trader.


About Inskin Media

Inskin Media specialises in rich-media branding formats, combining a focus on design and technology to maximise the value of every single impression. We partner with over 190 publishers and deliver campaigns to more than 1,000 premium websites, globally. Inskin has delivered successful campaigns for over 1,000 blue-chip brand clients. Inskin is DTSG Brand Safe and Anti-Ad Fraud certified, supports direct and programmatic bookings, and works with leading data providers to support first and third party data targeting options. Since launch in the UK in 2009, Inskin has grown from start-up into profitable, international business, employing 125 staff across its London, Hamburg, Kiev, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai offices.


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