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CASE STUDY: Heineken Inspires Adventure with PageSkin Plus

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Heineken Hong Kong Bottle

Heineken used PageSkin Plus to promote their Cities of the World campaign in Hong Kong.

The campaign aimed to inspire men to live worldly, new adventures by unlocking the secrets of their cities, so the combination of InSkin Media’s portfolio of high-end men’s lifestyle sites, the premium in-house production, and high-impact format, incorporating the campaign video, product shots, campaign messaging and call-to-action, was perfect.

Key takeaways: 

  1.         0.44% CTR

  2.         75.98 second average PageSkin dwell time

  3.         Total dwell time of 7,534 hours

  4.         75% completion rate of the TVC

It has been a great experience working with InSkin Media. For Heineken, we used Pageskin Plus which provided high impact during campaign launch. Also it was great that Inskin Media helped with production which is stress free for both agency and client.

Carmen Wong, Digital Manager – Starcom

Heineken PageSkin Plus Campaign from InSkin Media

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