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Going “High Impact” with Advertising Trends this Easter

Identifying the appropriate trends for your Easter campaign is vital when considering your industry space. With high impact digital ad formats capable of delivering 20x the attention of standard display, you’ll want to take full advantage of all this potential exposure with a campaign that resonates with both the holiday and the trends that surround it. Here’s how you can utilise Inskin’s high impact ad formats to drive attention to your Easter campaign:

A (Huge!) Focus on Confectionaries

We get that it’s obvious, but according to figures from NielsenIQ, UK consumers spent upwards of £439m on confectionaries in the run up to Easter 2021 (during the Covid-19 pandemic).

This was a 34% increase in sales compared to 2020. With Covid regulations set to be relaxed, could we see an even more celebratory approach to Easter 2022; the first post-Covid-restriction holiday since the pandemic began? You can drive greater attention to your Easter campaigns by combining confectionary image or video assets with our high impact ad formats.

Advertising for Good

The Easter/Spring overlap provides the perfect opportunity to focus on Spring cleaning as a notable campaign theme, which offers brands the chance to focus on a theme of new beginnings, sustainability, eco-friendly products and services etc.

In addition, Easter overlaps with Ramadan this year, a festival that encourages us to pause, reflect and create positivity. In 2021, a hugely successful ad campaign about using the internet as a force for good was launched in South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East during Ramadan.

Inskin is partnered with Right Thing Media in an effort to bring ethical and responsible advertising solutions to brands - and there’s no better time to kickstart your social impact campaign than Easter 2022.

Easter 2022, Outdoors!

The bold, proud and clear approach to advertising can work wonders for any campaign - but when it comes to the typically pleasing, easy-on-the-eye visual elements we often see with Spring & Easter campaigns - there’s even more of an incentive to use high impact formats that make the most of prominent image and video assets - all of which keep the space looking uncluttered and elegantly simplified, like a beautiful Bob Ross painting.

As more people look to experience their first outdoor Easter break for some time, it would make absolute sense to use the power of Spring-time scene setting to capture the eye for all kinds of campaigns, from outdoor retail to travel and holiday packages.

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