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Elite Global: Angeline Lodhia, GM Asia

Angeline Lodhia pioneered Inskin’s launch into Asia, presenting the business case and moving from London to Hong Kong to open Inskin’s first office in Asia. Following the success of the Hong Kong office, Angeline soon set up in Singapore too. Angeline recently spoke with Elite Global about her experience of bringing a business to Singapore, contributing to an article which explores Singapore’s thriving startup scene, highlighting its benefits and challenges.

Angeline tells us that it wasn’t always an easy journey…

“Lodhia had to even tailor her business plans when she planned to expand the business in South east Asia. ‘We were very naive and a lot of companies really do think one size fits all,’ she says. ‘Thinking ‘we’re going to enter Singapore and within six months we’ll be taking revenue out of Malaysia and Indonesia and it’s not going to be very hard’ is far from true. It doesn’t work like that.'”

Other contributors to the article discuss the cultural sensitivities of working in the Asian market and the vital need for innovation.

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