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ClickZ Singapore: Building effective digital branding creatives

Thursday, 22 October 17:00- 19:00 ClickZ Singapore, Marina Mandarin Hotel

InSkin Media is holding a roundtable discussion at this years’ ClickZ Live, the Global Conference Series Designed by Digital Marketers, for Digital Marketers.

ClickZ Live is a next-generation event that addresses the increasing change of pace in the digital marketing industry, to meet the diverse educational needs of today’s online marketing community.

The discussion will be led by Toshak Jethwani, InSkin’s Commercial Manager Singapore, who will be delving into and analysing ‘The importance of building effective digital branding creatives‘ at the ‘Meet the Experts‘ session. 

Toshak Jethwani Commercial Manager Singapore

InSkin Media

We welcome and encourage you to join.

Hope to see you there!

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