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Capture your Audience with Online Branding

Featured in ClickZ today, InSkin Media Asia’s Angeline Lodhia’ explains how to stand out from the crowd and make a real, measurable impact with online branding

In a growing and cluttered digital ad market, how can advertisers in Hong Kong take advantage of the sophistication of digital to deliver stand-out, measurable branding campaigns?

‘It’s an exciting time for brand marketers, as they become more aware of what digital brand advertising can deliver.  The brave will embrace the possibility to try something outside of the traditional comfort zone of TV, and create truly engaging digital work, which measured effectively, through brand metrics and not just clicks, will clearly demonstrate the huge value that the digital space can offer branding campaigns.’

Angeline will be discussing this topic in more detail at ClickZ Live Hong Kong this week, in her presentation ‘Interactive Branding Solutions – Capture Your Audience’, at 11am on thursday 7 August.

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