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CASE STUDY: A 360 Introduction to the new Jeep Grand Cherokee

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Raising awareness of the Jeep® Grand Cherokee launch with high-impact formats and a 360 car display.

Maxus were looking for high impact formats to introduce the new Jeep® Grand Cherokee, most awarded SUV ever, to the market.  It was important to showcase the car’s seductive lines, demonstrate its competitive and ecological performance, and its innovative technology.

For the target audience of ABC1 ‘informed trendsetters’, they wanted something new and exciting, with strong reach into sites indexing highly in the male 35+ demographic.

Deep engagement and an accessible, compelling experience were key, encouraging the audience to take a look at the New Jeep® Grand Cherokee, now evolved.


InSkin Video

A bespoke microsite was created and delivered across a range of news, technology and sports sites in ISM’s unique network – perfect to engage with the ABC1 male audience.

  1. Animated PageSkin creative delivers a scalable, frequency-capped HPTO experience

  2. Interactive InSkin Video drives long brand exposure and high CTRs around premium, short-form video content

The attributes of the new Grand Jeep® Cherokee are brought to life in the

custom-built microsite, where users can engage with the car, watch

the TV ad and contact a dealer:

  1. An interactive 360⁰ display of the car enables users to explore the car from various angles

  2. A video player shows the Jeep® Grand Cherokee TV ad

  3. An eye-catching landing page where users can book a test drive & request a brochure




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