Which devices do your formats run on?

Inskin formats are designed to work across a wide range of digital display devices. Our campaigns regularly run on a range of smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Can you run Programmatic campaigns?

Inskin can support both programmatic and direct campaigns.

What are your creative technical specifications?

All you need to know is on our product site: www.inskinmedia.com/products/

Are your formats compatible with the Coalition for Better Advertising (CBA)?

All Inskin formats comply with the guidelines from the Coalition of Better Advertising. We are IAB Gold Standard certified, with a strong focus since our inception on delivering high impact advertising without intruding on the consumption of editorial content.

Do you have a creative team that builds the formats for us or can we develop the ads ourselves?

Inskin offers our brand and agency partners both options. We have a highly skilled and experienced creative team in-house, that is available to build out the ad in our format. Alternatively, we also offer clients the option of using “Creator”, a bespoke creative and design tool that we developed to help self-build using our formats.

Are your campaigns brand safe?

Brand safely and overall transparency in our ad practices has been an important part of Inskin’s journey from the start. We have always emphasized brand safety, and we hold the DTSG certification from JICWEBS for brand safety. We were also the first ad tech company to be awarded the IAB’s Gold Standard certification.

What is the geographic reach of your network?

Inskin has a global network of publisher partners, with inventory available in a number of countries. We are headquartered in London, but have offices in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Kiev, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. For more information regarding reach in specific geographies, please contact sales@inskinmedia.com


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