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Inskin format Specifications

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A powerful, responsive format on desktop and smartphone that allows for multi-messaging campaigns. Each step is revealed on scroll or by user interaction.



-Animation examples or storyboards

-Brand guidelines


Design Recommendations:

-Up to 4 different designs are available on scroll

-Please keep all important brand and campaign imagery and copy within safe area

-To maximise visual engagement re-introduce some of your key brand elements on user scroll

Technical Specifications:

-Intro Animation time should not exceed 15s on desktop and 6s on smartphone

-Maximum creative weight on initial load 1 MB

-Maximum autoplay video weight 1.4 MB

Device: Smartphone and Desktop

Assets Required:

-Vector or high resolution company or brand logos

-High resolution campaign imagery

-Product Shots (if applicable)

-Layered PSDs

-Taglines or copy including legals

-Call to action

-Corporate or campaign fonts

We accept completed designs in a PSD format. Please download template below.

Video (if required):

All videos will be optimised in house. Maximum autoplay video weight 1.4MB.

-Max autoplay 15s, 6s is recommended on smartphone

-User initiated - unlimited (max 30s is recommended)

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