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Inskin format Specifications

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Our latest format designed specifically to maximise viewability and engagement on smartphone. The ad remains in view as the user scrolls. Additional content is delivered when the user reaches the foot of the page or interacts with the unit.


To view the demos in full please use a smartphone and the links below

State: On Load


State: Minimised

State: Expanded


-Animation examples or storyboards

-Brand guidelines


Design Recommendations:

-Please keep all important brand and campaign imagery and copy within safe area

-To maximise visual engagement re-introduce some of your key brand elements on scroll

Technical Specifications:

-Intro Animation time should not exceed 6s

-Maximum creative weight on initial load 500 kB

-Maximum autoplay video weight 1.4 MB

Device: Smartphone

Assets Required:

-Vector or high resolution company or brand logos

-High resolution campaign imagery

-Layered PSDs

-Product Shots (if applicable)

-Taglines or copy including legals

-Call to action

-Corporate or campaign fonts

We accept completed designs in a PSD format. Download template below.

Video (if required):

-All videos will be optimised in house. Maximum autoplay video weight 1.4MB.

-Recommended autoplay is 6s, maximum is 15s

-User initiated - unlimited (max 30s is recommended)

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