PageSkin™ Family

Loreal Example


An impactful online display advertising format, PageSkin wraps around entire web pages in a takeover style, enabling the advertiser to ‘skin’ multiple high-traffic web pages with a single booking.

Ad-tag served across InSkin’s portfolio of premium Publisher Partners, PageSkin consistently outperforms visibility benchmarks, and is frequency-capped to maximise reach and effectiveness.

Available across all devices, PageSkin is creatively and technically tailored for optimum performance on all devices. PageSkin on tablet benefits from zoom and touch gestures, synonymous with tablet usage.

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Cadbury Example 1

PageSkin Plus

Running across all devices, PageSkin Plus has an extended header unit, where existing campaign videos, rich media assets, masthead and bellyband creative can be incorporated, to maximise brand impact and amplify campaign messaging.

Key brand messaging and calls-to-action scroll the page with the user, increasing campaign visibility and effectiveness.

PageSkin Plus is fast-loading and optimised for users with high-speed internet connections, ensuring highest quality creative delivery and no impact on site performance.

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PageSkin Edge Graphic with Glare

PageSkin Edge

PageSkin Edge is developed specifically for tablet and smartphone devices. Fast-loading and built in HTML5, the right-hand creative space amplifies campaign messaging, incorporating rich media assets and multiple calls-to-action.

The campaign assets scroll the page with the user, remaining in view throughout their browsing experience and increasing opportunities to interact with the campaign.

PageSkin Edge is zoom-able and fully optimised towards touch and gestures.

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