Brand Safety Policy

Inskin Media is committed to providing outstanding customer service for our brand clients and publisher partners. We provide high quality, brand safe environments for digital advertisers, with complete transparency about how brands appear around site content.

We handpick our publisher partners and integrate every site ourselves. Inskin was the first ad tech company to be awarded the IAB Gold Standard seal, in February 2018, and we have since passed the new, more rigorous 1.1 certification. Our network has been independently verified for brand safety by the DTSG since 2015 and we adhere to the Coalition for Better Ads' Better Ads Standards. Inskin was also among the first ten companies in the UK to receive the JICWEBS Seal of Compliance for reducing the risk of exposure to ad fraud.

DTSG Badge
The DTSG  

The DTSG (Digital Trading Standards Group) is a UK group comprising representatives of the entire digital display advertising market, including trade bodies the AOP, ISBA, IPA and IAB.

The DTSG’s Good Practice Principles are endorsed by the UK’s Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards, known as JICWEBS. These principles set industry-wide standards, including the wide use of Content Verification (CV) tools and appropriate / inappropriate schedules, to inject greater transparency into the digital display advertising market, and provide control to help ensure that advertising will not be associated with inappropriate or illegal content.

The DTSG seal of compliance means that Inskin’s advertising misplacement policies and processes have been verified against these principles by an independent third party.

We apply the rigour of the DTSG’s Good Practice Principles to every publisher that we work with, globally.

Appropriate / Inappropriate Schedule

In compliance with DTSG’s Primary Agreement, Inskin only offers ad placements across a list of vetted sites.

Inskin only works with premium publisher partners, with established reputations, grounded in strong brand values, credibility and trust.

This reduces the need for an ABC accredited content verification tool, as all campaigns are tested, activated and monitored internally at regular intervals, for all of Inskin’s formats across our entire portfolio of premium sites.

Inskin is directly accountable for all new site integrations: no new publishers join our partner portfolio via a third party, and there is no syndication of Inskin placements to third party sites. All known sensitive content, or media non-compliant with DTSG’s agreed principles, are excluded from Inskin’s network via specific integration or keyword targeting.

This includes any content on a website that is sexually explicit, footage of real or simulated violence, criminal activity, promotes extreme political views, promotes hatred towards individuals or group on the basis of race, religion, sexual preference or other social/cultural factors, instructs or promotes crime, violence or unsafe behaviour, like bomb or weapon making, drug use, gaining unauthorised access to computers, fraud, or terrorist activities. Additionally, Inskin regularly reviews its publisher portfolio against the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit’s (PIPCU) Infringing Website List to ensure that our client’s advertising does not run on copyright-infringing websites.

Take Down Policy 

In the eventuality that an ad should appear against content deemed inappropriate, Inskin will make every reasonable effort to take down this placement as soon as possible. All take-down requests received within UK business hours (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5:30pm GMT) will be actioned within two hours of confirmed receipt. The same process applies if an ad deemed commercially sensitive should appear on any of our publisher partners’ sites. The contractual consequences of not taking down an ad in accordance with our Take Down Policy are evaluated on a case by case basis. Contractual elements to this policy are IO specific.

To contact Inskin Media with a take-down request, please email:

Or call:

Europe: +44 203 301 9099
Australia / New Zealand: +61 417 684214
Asia: +65 9146 3579