Inskin Media partnered with the International Advertising Association for the IAA Studio at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year, providing a platform for networking and professional exchange to leading thinkers in the advertising industry. See a round-up of some opinions we heard during Cannes Lions 2016 in the videos below (opens a new tab on Youtube).


Viewability: Seeing is believing

Find out how measurement of online ads has progressed towards including Viewability as a factor in recent years, and what it means for  improving the quality and effectiveness of digital advertising.
Watch out for Steve Doyle, CCO, Inskin Media at 1:50.

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Storytelling in an era of technology

Listen to how leading advertising and marketing professionals think storytelling is affected by technological advances and automatisation.
Watch out for Hugo Drayton, CEO, Inskin Media at 1:56.

Cannes Video Storytelling

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An industry built on talent

Learn what leading advertising professionals value most in employees and how roles in the creative industry have changed with the advance of technology.

Cannes Video  Talent

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Ad-Block: Friend or Foe?

Find out how the ad industry percieves the rise of Ad-block, what the implications are for publishers and how advertisers respond to this proof of disengagement of consumers.

Cannes Video Adblock

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For more interviews from Cannes, visit the IAA Youtube Channel.


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