Inskin Media’s Insight Manager, Sebastian Schindler, discusses four key findings from our latest viewability research.

  • Learning #1: If you want any chance to be looked at, maximise exposure time
  • Learning #2: Viewability is both great and not so great at predicting visual engagement
  • Learning #3: The right format can maximise effectiveness, but not beyond the boundaries set by creative execution
  • Learning #4: Ad clutter is detrimental to visual engagement

The danger with the current focus on viewability is that it has become a means unto itself – a target by which to measure success. However, while viewability measurement has an important role to play, it is primarily a measure of trading efficiency rather than an indicator of campaign effectiveness“,
Sebastian Schindler, Insight Manager, Inskin Media




Sebastian Schindler
Sebastian Schindler is Inskin Media’s Insight Manager. At Inskin, Sebastian’s mission is to empower advertisers and agencies by providing industry-leading research into how digital works for brands. He joined Inskin Media in 2015 from leading audience analytics company comScore, where he started his career as an analyst before moving on to lead comScore’s marketing activities in N-EMEA. Sebastian holds a Master’s degree in Creative & Media Enterprises from the University of Warwick.


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