UBS chose high impact PageSkin Plus, with campaign video incorporated into the extended header unit, to promote their campaign in Hong Kong.

The PageSkin Plus ad successfully delivered almost 11 000 clicks, 300 000 unique website visitors and ran across ISM’s portfolio of premium Hong Kong publishers.

Key takeaways:

10,568 clicks
297,405 unique users
92 seconds average dwell time per impression
Total dwell time per impression: 26,620 hours
1,042,277 Viewed Impressions

We are currently using Inskin Media for our UBS Wealth Management Lead Generation campaign. To date, ISM has been one of the top-performing partners, helping to drive qualified leads for UBS. ISM’s PageSkin Plus format is not only impactful, but also a great example how we can leverage digital to engage the audience through different consumer journey touchpoints, from initial awareness, to engagement, to intent.Carmen Wong, Digital Manager, Starcom


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