Study: How media contexts affect brand perception in online ads

New study by Inskin, Conquest and Research Now reveals:

Reader and publisher relationship has “catalytic” effect on ad effectiveness

Brand safety is considerably more complex than the industry thinks

London, 22 November 2017. The relationship a reader has with a publisher has far more impact on the effectiveness of online ads than the surrounding editorial content, which suggests concerns around brand safety may be misunderstood, according to a new study.

The study – by Inskin Media, Research Now and Conquest Research – compared the conscious and subconscious reactions of 4,370 people, who were served ads on websites either with or without publisher branding. It revealed that ads on the publisher-branded sites increased consideration for the advertiser by 60% compared to the ads on the site without publisher branding.

Furthermore, among readers with a close relationship to the publisher, consideration for the advertiser was 152% higher than among those who saw the ads on the site without publisher branding. Alongside this, advertiser brand warmth was 33% higher, brand empathy 20% higher and brand proximity (how close people felt to the brand) 19% higher.


“The relationship a publisher has with a user can have a catalytic effect in terms of boosting the effectiveness of the ads it displays, which reveals an important lesson,” said Steve Doyle, Inskin Media’s CCO. “It shows that if online publishers pay more consideration to the reader experience, the ads will be more effective, so they can optimise yield while carrying more selective types of advertising.”

In contrast, there was no systematic pattern to suggest that editorial content impacts the ad – be the article positive or negative or whether it had a similar theme to the ad. For example, a supermarket food advert next to an article about obesity did not overtly affect any brand metrics at all. Also, in isolated cases, a story that was both positive and had a similar theme to the ad could still elicit a negative brand association, suggesting individual parts of the article could have a disproportionate effect.

Doyle says this shows that brand safety isconsiderably more complex than the industry might like to admit. For example, we know brand safety is a “PR” issue but what effect does it actually have on readers’ brand perception? More research in this area is required to help marketers devise meaningful and effective brand safety policies, as the area is still a relative unknown. Technology will, of course, help us all understand how to better implement this by client and sector.”


Inskin Media and Research Now commissioned research agency Conquest to carry out an online test with multiple brands, display formats and publishers. From July – August 2017, a nationally representative sample of 4,364 UK respondents was surveyed using both explicit and implicit measurement methodologies in order to uncover both conscious and subconscious associations people held of the brands tested.

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