Shop Until You Drop with Sainsbury’s, Zalando, Bulova, Fossil, Gumtree and Monopoly

This month, we chose six of our best creative executions from the retail sector, showcasing Inskin’s premium PageSkin features and multi-screen campaigns.

Sainsbury’s – with Evolve

Enjoy Sainsbury’s delicious little twists showcased in our premium multi-messaging feature Evolve – pick your recipe in the sidebar and watch the creative evolve.

Zalando – with Video Selector

Browse through Zalando’s latest fashion trends and choose your favourite look with the Video Selector incorporated in the extended header (on desktop).

Bulova – with Product Hot Spots

Beautiful creative execution with a touch of sophistication – click on the Product Hot Spots and reveal more product Information.

Fossil – with Product Carousel

Great use of creative space – check out the Product Carousel incorporated in both scrolling sidebars of the PageSkin Plus.

Gumtree – with Full-Width Video Header

You can’t miss the full-width video header of this simple yet effective PageSkin Plus creative.

Monopoly – with Interactive Header

Click to play the video or hover over the pulsating Product Hot Spots incorporated in the header of the PageSkin Plus.