One size fits all? Not on our watch!


Inskin Media believes in bespoke design for each campaign, based on your objectives.
This allows us to make the most of your digital assets and our formats' functionalities,
and to create some truly beautiful work.

Working Video Wonders

"E.ON had this extraordinary branding film we were dying to use. But usually a 30 second, 16:9 clip doesn’t work for digital: too heavy, gets in the way of editorial content. So we cropped the assets into bite-sized teaser videos framing the page: long enough to grab attention and convey the great atmosphere, light enough not to affect load times, and key messaging always stays in view.

Our Series feature let us serve different teaser bites to the user with every impression. On click, the full video opens in a microsite, and the user can feel the heat, complete with steam animations, in the sidebars."

Gary, Head of Design


Building a Digital Narrative


The imagery for this Adidas campaign is all about speed and energy, and I decided to add to the momentum. The resulting creative is very dynamic, featuring lots of motion, and a blurring animation that suggests high speed.
The Evolve feature allowed us to show changing messaging on scroll, and adds to the dynamic with several fast, smooth transitions.

Other features of this campaign are the video teaser that opens into a microsite with the full content on click, and dynamic creative optimisation to cater to two different audiences, runners and general sports enthusiasts.


André, Digital Designer