Premium German media marketer, OMS, selected Inskin Media as their technology partner, to develop new ad format, Fireplace 360, last year. The rich media ad format, wraps around web pages, and offers advertisers the opportunity to display their branding and creative messaging without interrupting a user’s content consumption. The brand messaging stays in the user’s eyeline in the scrolling sides, ensuring maximum brand exposure.

Fireplace 360 was integrated across more than 200 of OMS’s portfolio of regional newspapers at the beginning of 2014.

Now, new format Fireplace 360 Plus, which is available on desktop and tablet devices, comprises all of the eye-catching features of a Fireplace 360, with an extended header unit for maximum creative impact. Rich media and video assets can be integrated into the header, increasing ad viewability and effectiveness.

On tablet, ‘Fireplace 360 Plus Tablet’ works in landscape and portrait mode, bringing the advantages of the Fireplace 360 Plus to mobile.