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Inskin Media’s CCO, Steve Doyle, shares his thoughts on what 2017 will have in store …

Viewability Debate Matures: As 2017 rolls around the subject of measurement will continue to be a hotbed of debate amongst digital advertising types. The advent of all this wonderful technology gives so much more control and understanding to an advertiser, and while this means we have a lot more data and knowledge about the ecosystem we operate in, its variety lends to inconsistent measurement methodologies and discrepancies.

Consistent measurement, of the right metrics, across devices and media executions will become an even tougher challenge. JICWEBS has been instrumental this year in pushing a multi-trade body initiative on viewability, but bigger, braver decisions by trade bodies are needed, and 2017 should be their moment to establish meaningful, robust standards.

Beyond viewability, we’ve seen huge interest this year in our project around visual engagement, which cited that ads need to be in view for 14 seconds to be seen. Next year, the viewability debate will mature as part of the wider conversation around attention-based metrics, with discussion around how long an ad is viewable becoming more important than whether it only met the current thresholds.

While my LinkedIn feed is littered with people saying “CTR isn’t important we know that but look at this case study (with great CTR’s)”, 2017 is the year that this mentality will inevitably change, lest its architects find themselves severely lagging behind the pace of the measurement debate.


Steve Doyle

Steve is responsible for Inskin’s global revenue, and agency/advertiser adoption of Inskin’s ad formats. He is on the board of the IAA UK Chapter, has chaired the IAB Video Council since 2012, and was named Commercial Director of the Year at the IPA Media Owner awards 2013. Steve joined Inskin Media in 2009 from Virgin Media/IDS where he spent 4 years as Sales Controller.


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