Yves Saint Laurent Dazzles with PageSkin Plus from Inskin Media

Yves Saint Laurent Dazzles with PageSkin Plus

YSL chose PageSkin Plus, with animated sidebars and the campaign video integrated into the large creative header, to promote the launch of their new Gloss Volupté lip gloss.The results? 100% viewable, with huge ad recall and brand uplift far above industry benchmarks, demonstrating the value of the impactful and eye-catching creative, delivered in a premium environment, without interrupting the user’s content enjoyment.View the full results, including eye-tracking heatmap, in the online case study.


Inskin Media Spends 180 Seconds with Havas Media's Jason Kwong

17 September 2014

180 seconds with Havas Media’s Jason Kwong
In ISM Asia’s second 180 seconds with… interview, we get the thoughts of Havas Media’s Jason Kwong, on the development of the digital market in Hong Kong, and the necessity to integrate media and creative strategies

Next Mobile Client Testimonial for Inskin Media

21 August 2014

Partner Testimonial
“We are happy to introduce Inskin Media’s ad format to the Hong Kong market, leveraging the strong online video trend on our platform. The non-intrusive ad format provides advertisers with more choice and delivers prominent brand exposure, while maintaining a good browsing experience for the user.”Ms. Carina Yip, Business Director, Next Mobile Limited