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This year, Inskin Media Singapore partnered with Mediacom in order to raise brand awareness for Audi’s A1 car campaign. The advertiser chose PageSkin Plus running across desktop and tablet, which showcased their latest car model in its extended header unit.

Working closely with MediaCom, ISM’s Creative Solutions team designed a bespoke creative that encouraged user interaction with the ad – as the user scrolled the page, they were invited to change the colour of the car with buttons in the sidebar. When the car colour was changed, the Audi A1 car would drive across the screen behind the website content.

Key Results: 

    • 2.47% CTR and 30.3 seconds average post click dwell time
    • 110.73 seconds average dwell time per impression
    • 388,561 viewed impressions
    • 154, 737 unique users

Audi A1




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