Thanks to everyone who came to see Inskin Media at the IAB’s third Digital Britain conference in Manchester!

The conference explored how the digital advertising landscape has opened the door for brands to reach out to people across various channels and give marketers the power to put consumers first, Speakers from Inskin Media, Google UK, MEC Manchester, Manning Gottlieb OMD and many others presented at the conference and shared their words of wisdom and industry expertise.

Inskin’s Sales Director, Evan Russell, and Insight Manager, Sebastian Schindler explored the rift between campaign objectives and campaign measurement in their presentation on ‘Why we’re losing focus of the consumer, and what we can do to get it back’. The presentation raised the question how we, as an industry, can work better together in order to reconnect and deliver online brand campaigns more effectively.

Key Highlights

  • How can we measure campaign performance in a meaningful way?
  • Which contextual factors do we need to take into account? To which degree?
  • Do measurement and research build knowledge bridges?
  • Are we gathering insights that optimise future decision making?




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