Inskin Media is proud to report that our verification to the JICWEBS Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Good Practice Principles by independent industry auditor ABC has been renewed for another year.


The aim of the Good Practice Principles is to minimise the risk of display advertising misplacement. ISM’s philosophy is based on ensuring a positive user experience in a quality editorial environment. As such, brand safety and transparency are core to our approach.



Brand Safety Policy

Inskin Media (ISM) is committed to providing outstanding customer service for our brand clients and publisher partners.  We are dedicated to providing complete transparency and control over how brands appear around site content.



About Inskin Media:

Inskin Media is an advertising technology business, specialising in high-impact, non-intrusive brand advertising formats. Founded in the UK in 2009, the company is a market leader in rich-media display and video advertising, and employs 75 staff across its London, Hamburg, Sydney & Hong Kong offices. Partnering with over 120 publishers, ISM represents over 600 websites, globally, and has delivered successful campaigns for over 620 blue-chip brand clients.

In November 2014, Inskin Media was invited to join the ‘Scale Up Club’, a group of companies identified as having £100m turnover potential within 3-5 years, by Silicon Valley angel investors. In 2013, Inskin Media was named Best Media Owner in the IPA Media Owner Awards, having been rated as top company in the IPA Media Owner Survey that April. In 2012, Inskin Media won three British Media Awards; ISM won Media Momentum’s Award as the fastest-growing digital business in Europe in 2011, and has since remained in its top 50 high-growth businesses.

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