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Through the eye and into the brain – Moving from Viewability to Visual Engagement to Understand Ad Effectiveness
Tuesday, 11 October 8:30am – 10:30am

Research Now offices
160 Queen Victoria St, London EC4V 4BF

Viewability has been established as an important validation factor in display advertising, but how does this viewability correlate with visual engagement (the likelihood of a user actually looking at the ad) and ad effectiveness? Are highly viewable ads more engaging? Do ad format and creative execution matter? And if so, in what way? What does visual engagement tell us about a campaign’s potential to be remembered?

In a practical and engaging session, Inskin’s Sebastian Schindler will explore all this and more, providing you with ideas on how to improve – and assess the impact of – your own advertising campaigns.



Sebastian Schindler, Insight Manager

Sebastian Schindler is Inskin Media’s Insight Manager. At Inskin, Sebastian’s mission is to empower advertisers and agencies by providing industry-leading research into how digital works for brands. He joined Inskin Media in 2015 from leading audience analytics company comScore, where he started his career as an analyst before moving on to lead comScore’s marketing activities in N-EMEA. Sebastian holds a Master’s degree in Creative & Media Enterprises from the University of Warwick.


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