Join Inskin Media and Research Now at the Data Storytelling Conference on 1 November as they take you ‘Through the Eye and into the Brain’ to understand ad effectiveness.

Sebastian Schindler (Insight Manager, Inskin Media) and Luke Sehmer (Senior Research Director, Research Now) will talk you through Inskin’s recent study where you will learn how viewability correlates with visual engagement and ad effectiveness, you will find out whether  highly viewable ads are more engaging, does the format and execution of ads matter and what visual engagement tells us about the potential for a campaign to be remembered.

This seminar session will give you a fascinating insight into the modern consumer and how they engage with your ads.


‘Through the eye and into the brain – Moving from Viewability to Visual Engagement to Understand Ad Effectiveness’
Tuesday, 1 November, 12:20pm 

The Brewery, 52 Chiswell St, London EC1Y 4SD



Sebastian Schindler, Insight Manager

Sebastian Schindler is Inskin Media’s Insight Manager. At Inskin, Sebastian’s mission is to empower advertisers and agencies by providing industry-leading research into how digital works for brands. He joined Inskin Media in 2015 from leading audience analytics company comScore, where he started his career as an analyst before moving on to lead comScore’s marketing activities in N-EMEA. Sebastian holds a Master’s degree in Creative & Media Enterprises from the University of Warwick.


Luke Sehmer
Senior Research Director, Research NowLuke Sehmer

With nearly 11 years working in the market research industry, Luke has a real passion for research design, best practice and the commercial application of market research. Aside from his role at Research Now as Senior Research Director, Luke is a passionate rugby fan and an avid skier.


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