PageSkin Plus is the latest innovation from Inskin Media.  It comprises all of the eye-catching features of a PageSkin, with an extended header unit for maximum creative impact.

Just like PageSkin, PageSkin Plus comprises a single, fully optimised creative, frequency capped to maximise reach across ISM’s premium advertising network, and delivers comprehensive ISM reporting metrics.

For publishers, no change to the existing integration is required, as PageSkin Plus is delivered through the same technology as PageSkin.  ISM remains focused on providing the optimum user experience with our ad formats, as well as using the latest design techniques to reduce CPU load and limit file weights.


  • Large creative space maximises brand impact
    Page takeover format with increased header space to amplify campaign creative and messaging.  The branding remains visible as the user scrolls the page, ensuring that the advertising message stays in the user’s eyeline.
  • Masthead . bellyband-style creative
    Adapt existing creative across Inskin Media’s premium advertising network.
  • Optimised to high-speed connections
    As an ad-served format, PageSkin Plus only delivers to high-speed connections, ensuring highest quality creative delivery.


PageSkin Plus Demos

Amex Dining PageSkin Plus Yves Saint Laurent PageSkin Plus from Inskin Media Kawasaki PageSkin Plus from Inskin Media

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