PageSkin Edge is the latest innovation from Inskin Media.  Fast-loading, impactful and engaging, PageSkin Edge is a uniquely powerful tablet advertising solution.  

Developed specifically for tablet devices, PageSkin Edge has a large right-hand creative space, enabling advertisers to integrate rich media assets, video and multiple CTAs into tablet advertising campaigns.

All campaign messaging scrolls the page with the user, remaining in view and increasing opportunities for users to engage with the campaign.

Like all of ISM’s PageSkin formats, PageSkin Edge comprises a single, fully optimised creative, frequency capped to maximise reach across ISM’s premium tablet advertising network, and delivers comprehensive ISM reporting metrics.

For publishers, no change to the existing ad tag is required, as PageSkin Edge is delivered through the same technology as PageSkin Tablet.  ISM remains focused on providing the optimum user experience with our ad formats, as well as using the latest design techniques to reduce CPU load and limit file weights.


High imact, non-intrusive tablet format

Developed specifically for tablet devices, PageSkin Edge is fast-loading and built in HTML.

Large right-hand creative space

Enlarged right-hand sidebar amplifies campaign messaging with rich media assets and multiple CTAs.

Supports video

Upon click, users have the option to play the video full screen.

Viewable messaging

All advertiser messaging, including rich media assets and video, scroll the page with the user and remain in view.


PageSkin Edge Demos – please view on a tablet device

Fitbit PageSkin Edge from Inskin Media L'Oriel Paris Elvive PageSkin Edge from Inskin Media Adidas PageSkin Edge from Inskin Media
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