Topic: Viewability – Transparency, Trust and Meaningful Measurement

Date/Time: Thursday, 17 September, 10:00- 10:45
Room: Seminar 2, located on the 2nd floor of the Congress Centre North
Session ID: S_208

A key obstacle in moving towards a viewable impression standard is the measurement discrepancies between external vendors, which often result in a “language barrier” between buy and sell side, and a lack of trust on the advertiser side. To drive further investment in digital, the industry needs to tackle three key issues: the lack of transparency, consistency and accountability.

Inskin Media partnered with FaR Partners to investigate these issues and to better understand (a) reasons for existing measurement discrepancies, (b) how to best support agencies in guaranteeing meaningful viewability measurement, and (c) how to help advertisers understand and optimise viewability.

ISM’s Seminar will be Led by Dominic Finney, Founder and Director of FaR Partners.


We look forward to seeing you there!

 Otherwise, you will find us in our usual spot in Hall 7, Stand A046 A048.