Impactful Engagement – Rémy Martin, Flora, Cadbury and Pringles

This month, we invite you to explore different types of user interaction, featuring PageSkin Plus, Superwide, a bespoke microsite and an interactive product carousel.

Rémy Martin – with PageSkin Plus

The clean and elegant design of Rémy Martin’s PageSkin Plus campaign delivers
a seamless experience.

Flora – with Superwide

Discover the Power of Plants with Inskin’s Superwide feature – look out for the rotating flower heads rising to the sky in the header and both sidebars of the PageSkin Plus.

Cadbury – with Bespoke Microsite

Click on the sidebar to reveal the custom-built interactive microsite and pick your favourite Marvellous ice cream flavour, guided by Cadbury’s famous penguins.

Pringles – with Interactive Product Carousel

Click on the arrows to explore the flavours with the interactive product carousel incorporated in the header, and watch the brand messaging evolve in both sidebars as you scroll the page.