‘Inskin Media develops and delivers the most compelling and effective advertising formats online‘,

Hugo Drayton, CEO, Inskin Media



Hugo Drayton, Inskin’s CEO, recently gave an interview on Inskin Media’s Philosophy.

We believe in the importance of allowing users to be in control of their advertising experience and ensuring all brands we work with are delivered on trusted websites.’

In his interview with TVN, Hugo talks about the differentiation Inskin brings to the market, built around technology and creativity, and the challenges the company is facing in the current advertising environment…


Hugo Drayton Appointed CEO Inskin MediaHugo joined Inskin Media in 2009. He was CEO of behavioural targeters Phorm, after 2 years as EU MD of Ad.com. Hugo worked 10 years at The Telegraph, as Group Managing Director, and previously Marketing Director. He planned and launched Electronic Telegraph, the UK’s first online newspaper, and was a director at handbag.com, Newsplayer, Stream and Whittard. Hugo is Chairman of the British Skin Foundation.


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