We recently sat down with Inskin’s Head of Account Management, Gurpreet Dhesi, to talk about her role at Inskin Media and the importance of the Account Management function to the business.


Gurpreet Dhesi

Gurpreet joined Inskin Media in​ 2011. As Head of Account Management, she manages a team of 5 and heads up the planning, buying and delivery of all of Inskin’s campaigns, globally. Previously, Gurpreet spent 6 years at Sky, working in TV operations at first before focussing on Digital within the Ad Operations team. She joined Inskin as a Client Services Manager, and was promoted to Senior Publisher Services Manager to broaden her skill set, gaining first-hand experience of working directly with Inskin’s Publisher Partners, before moving to her Account Management role.


Q imageWhat is your responsibility at Inskin Media?

Our team is responsible for planning and buying campaigns, ensuring their smooth delivery, and delivering great client service throughout. Internally, we are the main ‘go to’ team and coordinate cross-departmental efforts to meet client expectations. Some of the main requirements in our job are problem solving, flexibility, creative thinking and a sense of urgency.

Q imageHow important is Account Management to the business?

Account management is a crucial part of the business. We are responsible for the planning and management of all campaigns, to ensure smooth and complete delivery, and communicating clearly to everyone involved (both internally and externally).

Q imageHow do you work with the Publishers at Inskin Media?

We work closely with our internal Publisher Services team and we have strong, long-term relationships with our publisher partners across the world. Once campaigns are live, we communicate with our publishers on a daily basis.  Maintaining good working relationships is very important to us and, whenever we can, we go above and beyond to meet clients’ requirements.

Q imageWhat is the most important aspect of Account Management?

The most important aspect of an account manager’s role is the ability  to communicate effectively. Our team is responsible for identifying our clients’ needs, so outstanding communication and organisational skills are crucial. Our Account Management team manages campaigns in many territories across a number of sites, so the ability to multi-task and high attention to detail are essential in this role.

Q imageWhat is your favourite part of your job?

I like the diversity of it – every market we work with poses a different set of challenges. I enjoy working with our internal teams as well as working with our clients, which makes a perfect balance.


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