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The online advertising industry evolves at a rapid pace, driven by changes in consumer behaviour and advancements in technology. ExchangeWire spoke to Steve Doyle, Inskin’s Chief Commercial Officer, about his expectations for 2016.

We’re currently in a situation where the line in the sand for viewability is 50% of an ad in view for at least one consecutive second. Rightly or wrongly, as the official IAB standard, it’s becoming a benchmark for trading,” Steve Doyle, Chief Commercial Officer, Inskin Media




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Steve joined Inskin Media in 2009. He is responsible for all ad sales revenue, and agency/advertiser adoption of Inskin’s innovative ad formats globally. He spent 4 years as Sales Controller at IDS/Virgin Media, running the digital sales team. Steve is currently Chairman of the IAB Video Council and was named Commercial Director of the Year in the IPA Media Owner Awards 2013.


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