Your ad is ‘viewable’, and the CTR is fine, but did it make a difference? How do you know what effect it had on your brand? Steve Doyle, CCO, Inskin Media

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Everyone agrees that, although CTR is the main measure for online advertising, it doesn’t deliver meaningful insights into a campaign’s performance against its actual objectives. In his article for Campaign Magazine, Steve Doyle discusses his views on ad viewability  and how we can effectively measure campaign performance.



Steve introduces Inskin’s current project with Research Now and visual engagement specialists, Sticky, that aims to go beyond viewability to explore how eye-tracking metrics correspond to established brand metrics, mapping visual engagement with memory building, and real ad effectiveness.

Through the eye and into the brain
Inskin Media, Research Now and Sticky uncover the insights from our latest research
Thursday, 15 September 10:00 – 10:45
Seminar 2 (Hall 5


Steve Doyle

Steve is responsible for Inskin’s global revenue, and agency/ advertiser adoption of Inskin’s ad formats. He is on the board of the IAA UK Chapter, has chaired the IAB Video Council since 2012, and was named Commercial Director of the Year at the IPA Media Owner awards 2013. Steve joined Inskin Media in 2009 from Virgin Media/IDS where he spent 4 years as Sales Controller.


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