Four of the Best – Auto

Each month we’ll be showcasing some of our favourite recent campaigns, which we think really make the most of the creative capacity of our formats.This month, we’ve selected four of our favourite auto campaigns, on multiscreen PageSkin Plus format..

Mercedes – with Evolve

Mercedes’ campaign for The New Shooting Break shows superb use of premium multi-messaging feature, Evolve, which spins the car and displays different internal views as you scroll the page.

Nissan – Storytelling Sidebars

Nissan have embraced the storytelling capabilities of PageSkin Plus with Evolve, to include three campaign messages, uniquely viewable as the page is scrolled.

Ford – with Evolve

Simple and effective – great use of creative space as the cars park themselves within the sidebars of this Ford PageSkin Plus, with the Evolving Messaging feature, as you scroll the page.

Kawasaki – Carousel

We love the impactful video header on this PageSkin Plus. Scroll through the bike range with the product carousel feature in the sidebars.