CASE STUDY: Tourism New Zealand with PageSkin Edge on Smartphone

by isadmin • 13th September 2016

Australia: Tourism New Zealand is the first advertiser to use Inskin’s bespoke mobile format, PageSkin Edge, on Smartphone

Inskin Media Launch Revolutionary 'Edge' Mobile Ad Format with Tourism New Zealand

by isadmin • 13th September 2016

Sydney, 14th September 2016: Inskin Media today announced its latest technology format to evolve non-standard digital advertising, the PageSkin Edge Smartphone ad format

PageSkin Plus Now Available on Smartphone

by isadmin • 5th September 2016

Deliver your campaign seamlessly across all devices with PageSkin Plus

NEW 360 Panorama – Inskin’s Latest Premium PageSkin Feature

by isadmin • 26th July 2016

Check out our BRAND NEW PageSkin feature, 360 Panorama, with 360 degree panoramic images displaying directly in the ad unit. See our Creative Showcase

Improved Evolving Messaging on PageSkin Formats

by isadmin • 3rd June 2016

Inskin’s Evolving Messaging feature had a revamp

Jeep first to use new “Edge” mobile ad format

by isadmin • 12th April 2016

Smartphone format promotes positive user experience and addresses ad blocking. First campaign achieves 95% viewability rate and 43 second average in-view time

PageSkin Edge – Now on Smartphone 

by isadmin • 12th April 2016

Everything you love about Inskin’s PageSkin Edge, now on smartphone

Introducing Superwide

by isadmin • 10th September 2015

New from Inskin Media, Superwide is the latest premium feature of the PageSkin format, offering advertisers additional space for creative assets and maximum visual real estate for high-impact online branding

Introducing Series – Inskin's Latest Multi-Messaging Feature

by isadmin • 3rd July 2015

New from Inskin Media, Series is the latest premium, multi-messaging feature of the PageSkin format, giving advertisers opportunity to tell the brand story through developing messages throughout a series of impressions

New! On-click Expandable Microsite Options

by isadmin • 4th June 2015

Inskin Media’s new selection of On-click Expandable Microsites are a premium option for all PageSkin formats, on desktop and tablet